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Aztec Indian Art currently has hundreds of unique handicraft and jewelry products in our online catalog. Feel free to browse the situs to view our handicraft product groups online. If you are interested in purchasing any product from our inventory or y Selanjutnya

Shipping Information

5 ways to ship your order from Bali to you 1. 20ft. Container (30 cubic meters) 2. 40ft. Container (60 cubic meters) 3. 40ft. High Cube Container (72 cubic meters) 4. LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container - charged per cubic meter) 5. Air Cargo LCL & Selanjutnya

About Aztec-Indiart.Com

We are an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Indian indian handicraft and accessories. Our company is called Aztec Indian Art. Aztec has expert knowledge for correct protective packaging of Indian handcrafted items (this is very impo Selanjutnya

Order Terms and Conditions

How to place an order for our Aztec Indian Art ? All orders must be written. To place an order for our Native American Art  is easy. Simply, send us your order list to info@aztec-indianart.cominfo@ Selanjutnya


AZTEC Indian Art trading as Indian Accessories is an Indonesian leader in design, on time manufacture and supply of hundreds of exceptional quality natural material products, at excellent wholesale prices. Selanjutnya

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